Steve Paul jobs:The greatest entreprenuer ever born.

                         Steve Paul Jobs

         "The pioneer of the microcomputer revolution"

"Learn everything that yours heart says you,you may not find out how the things that you are learning now may help you in future but believe me somewhere,somehow in future it will be connected with your goal"

     Steve Jobs was born to a single mother and was adopted by Paul and Clara in February 24 1955. He was brought up in San Francisco California.


Jobs biological mother wanted her son to attend college and that was mention in the adoption to keep the words jobs was admitted to reed college in 1972 but he dropped out the same year because he said that he had no idea with his life and he do not know how college degree was going to help him. moreover he also said that he don't want to spend all of the savings of their working class parents in such an expensive college.
After being dropout from college he joined a calligraphy course that appealed him after he show poster on campus that were beautiful drawn.


Jobs started living in with his friend and slept in the floor.where he collected the empty bottle and return them for money to buy a food.He would walk 7 miles every Sunday to get to the nearby Hare Krishna temple where he can get one good meal in a week.
Jobs was fascinated by the Eastern culture and religion so he took a part time job to finance a trip to India.

Trip to india:

He stayed in India for almost 7 months traveling most of the holy places in the North India in search of spiritual enlightenment

Founded apple:

After returning from India jobs and his friend wozniak co founded Apple by selling  VW microbus and wozniak sold his HP calculater in 1976 to manufacture and sell personal Computer Design by by Wozniak the Apple1. 


Apple 1 sell was able to fund thier project for apple 2 ,it was a very successful one .Macintosh  in 1984 Was a breakthrough after failure of Apple Lisa in 1983.

John Sculley

Ousted from apple:

Jobs was forced out of Apple as power struggle erupted between Jobs and John sculley CEO whom jobs appointed.


During these  period when jobs was out of the Apple he founded a company called next which latter on merge with apple itself .And a company call call Pixar which produces the first animated movie 'Toy Story'.

Rejoin apple:

    But after jobs was ousted from Apple the company started facing severe loses it was completely bankrupt and its software licensing was over restricting them to manufacture. At this point of time in 1997 Apple merged neXT software soon after jobs become the CEO of the company.

He was  solely responsible for helping revive Apple from bankruptcy he went on to the develope and produce wide Range of  product such as  iTunes, iTunes store, Apple store, iPod, iPhone ,App Store and iPad.He  finally died at the age of 56 from neuroendocrine tumor in 2011.

Famous speech by jobs during the standford university graduation ceremony:


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